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Ah! Mind!

What can I say as an introduction except – ‘fasten your seat belts. Thrills and spills ahead!’

If the ‘bridge’ chamber was fuzzy, this chamber is even more so. Language is a problem here, because we are talking about something invisible. So, this creates some challenges, but as long as we have a ‘beginner’s mind’, we will have lots of fun.

Our trail of the red apple has brought us here now. We came through the eyes, the brain and the fuzzy bridge. We have held up pretty well so far.

So,it’s time to celebrate. Can I have the honor of your company this evening?


Let’s go watch a movie – ‘Raiders of the lost ark’

The movie has started.

Where do you see the horses, mountains, trains, cars, rivers, good guys, bad guys ?

“on the screen in front of you, stupid!!”.

Dumb me! Of course.

OK. The movie is over. Now, close your eyes. I’ll escort you out.

We have now left the cinema hall. You have come outside.

Now open your eyes.

Now, where do you see the cars, bikes, pizzas, houses, good guys, bad guys?

In other words..

Where is the screen in which you see all these objects of the world?


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