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“This is rubbish, of course. We struggled to experience the burger fully; agreed; but in our daily lives, we experience so many things, so how can this be?”

Good point. Of course we do. But, let’s ask ourselves, ‘Why did we struggle to experience the burger‘?

Let’s get back to the Big Mac burger

The reason we struggled to experience the burger in our hand is ….the ‘burger’ we were after was in our mind. It is that ‘burger’ that we struggled to experience fully.

Let’s see how things played out at MacDonald’s.

We experienced the idea of a ‘burger’ in the mind

We experienced the desire to have a ‘burger’ from the ‘I’

We experienced the taste of something.

We experienced the smell of something.

We experienced the image of something in the brain.

We experienced the sensation of holding something.

We experienced the sound of chewing something.

We experienced all
the ‘burger’

Where did we experience all these ideas, desires, tastes, smells, images, sensations and sounds?

In ourselves, of course! Not outside us

No matter where we go,

No matter how old we are,

No matter whom we meet,

No matter which organization we work for,

No matter how much we shop,

No matter how often we party,

No matter how many women or men we date

No matter how hard we try


Whatever we desire to experience exists only in the mind

When we try to experience it outside of us

We always end up only experiencing ourselves!

“That’s interesting!” you say. “Thankfully, at least, someone is experiencing all this!!! At least, that must be real…right?”

Let’s see.

Who exactly is experiencing all these ideas, desires, sensations, images, tastes, sounds, smells of the elusive ‘burger’?

The mysterious ‘I’, that we can’t find!

The plot thickens!!!

“But wait! What about the stuff in my hand? That is a real burger, right?”

We can’t find an answer for that in MacDonald’s. For that, we need to go to a conference in Brussels, Belgium.

Pack your bags and be ready. We’ll be heading there shortly.

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