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We are now in an interesting segment of the treasure hunt. We have a clue from the past, and we are going to follow it to see where it takes us.

To really enjoy this segment, we need rational people.

You might be familiar with the term “rational people”. I know I am oversimplifying things, but this is the way I relate to them:

Rational people like to reason everything.

They try to provide explanations for things and events happening around us.

They use the rules of logic and look for cause and effect

They enjoy solving puzzles

There is consistency in their arguments

Above all, they always irritate non-rational people :-)

Let’s invite them now for this segment of the treasure hunt

We first need to get you warmed up, so you can get into action:

Keep all your favorite reference books ready. Which ones? Science, math, engineering, management, philosophy, medicine – doesn’t matter. Anything goes.

Relax your body; take a deep breath

Look around you – up, down, sideways – doesn’t matter; whether its day or night – doesn’t matter

What you see doesn’t matter.

Here’s your warm-up question: quite an ancient one

Why is there something instead of nothing?

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