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The reason we are in Brussels, Belgium, in 1927 is to eavesdrop on physicists, as famous as Einstein, Niels Bohr and others, beat their head against the wall (and each other), trying to explain the findings of quantum physics. Why? The findings were to say the least, bizarre.

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What is the table made of? Wood. Wood is patterns of fibres, we can see that. Fibres are patterns of cells. Cells are made of patterns of molecules. Molecules are patterns of atoms. Atoms are patterns of subatomic particles. So the best place to see what the real world looks like, is made of and behaves, is at this level.

First, what is your expectation? We have all studied Newton’s laws of motion in school. They describe what happens to real-life objects. Well-behaved nature. Same laws. Anytime. Anywhere. Period. You probably expect to see similar stuff here. I am not surprised. Scientists as famous as Einstein, Neils Bohr and Heisenberg, Nobel prize winners, expected the same thing.

Boy! Were they wrong! One simple experiment performed with 2 slits on a cardboard and a beam of light, started to shake the world of physics. This is what we know now, thanks to researchers like Zukov.

Some experiments showed that light was wave-like. Some experiments showed that light was particle-like. Depending on which you want to see, you can select the experiment to see it

Photons of light seemed to know instantly, when the setup of the experiment changes. Till we step in as observers, there are a range of possibilities. The moment we step in to observe, reality happens. Which of these possibilities actually happens, we do not know till we actually observe it.

  • The other possibilities are also likely to be happening in a parallel universe, where the result of our experiment turned out differently.
  • The properties of light do not belong to light, but to our interaction with light. Without us, or anything else to interact with, light by itself, does not exist.
  • Without light, or anything else to interact with, we do not exist.
  • Subatomic particles make decisions as if they were conscious things.
  • Particles that were once together and then separated, seem to know the decisions made by each other and adjust their own behavior instantaneously – with no time lag whatsoever – even if they are as far away as a remote galaxy.
  • As if it was not enough to see light behaving like particles, they soon found particles behaving like waves.
  • Particles routinely change to energy and energy routinely changes to appear as matter. In fact, matter is energy at this level.
  • There is no basic building block of matter
  • There are ‘mass-less’ particles
  • A proton never remains a simple proton. It alternates between being a proton and a neutral pion on the one hand, and being a neutron and neutral pion on the other hand. You get the picture. This happens with all other particles as well. They routinely change into other types of particles all the time
  • When you smash two particles together, both particles are destroyed at the point of impact. Out of the breaking of subatomic particles come more particles as elementary as the original.
  • At high speeds, time starts to slow down. Objects become shorter. The mass of the particle increases enormously.
  • All we see is an unending dance of creation, transformation and annihilation
  • At this level, properties of matter are not either-or, this or that. They are both and more than both.
  • Scientists see the trace left by moving particles, but they can’t say if it is the ‘same particle’ that is moving. The connection between the dots as ‘motion’ is again a ‘map’ in our mind.
  • Scientists now accept that some of the particles move forward and backward in time.
  • Suddenly, “from empty space” comes something and disappears again in empty space. where there was no-thing, suddenly, some particles appear, interact and disappear, with no known cause. So, vacuum is not empty space. It’s just another ‘map’ in our mind
  • At this level, with a magnifying glass, all we see is energy interacting with energy. In short, at this level, the dancer is the dance. They are one.

What we call ‘a table’ is actually us seeing a dance of events, out of focus. Actually, we are part of the dance, seeing it out of focus. Transient forms sparkle in and out of existence creating a never-ending , forever newly-created reality.

What about the real world at a larger level? The solar system, all the sun, stars etc. what do we know now about how things work there? Does that follow the familiar map of Newton’s laws?

Let’s check it out.

There is no such thing as gravity. Gravity is another ‘map’ in our mind. Drop it.

There is no ‘mass’. That is just another ‘map’ in our mind. Drop it.

There is no ‘matter’. Matter is nothing but a curvature (or a dent) in the space-time continuum. Drop it.

  • There is not even such a thing as ‘energy’, because energy is also mass and mass is just a curvature in space and time. Drop it.
  • The earth moves around the sun in its orbit, not because of gravity, but because it’s simply the easiest path to take, given the Sun’s dent.
  • All of the past, all of the future for each individual, meet and forever meet, at one single point – Now. ‘Time’ is a map. Drop it.
  • The ‘Now’ is always located exactly where the individual is – not where the sun or moon or some other body is.

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