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People….I don’t know if you have been reading scientific magazines lately, but God is close to being found. So, pay attention!

It’s good news, because even we are searching for who we really are and trying hard to solve the big puzzle.

The scene is that there is this massive machine, at the French-Swiss border, close to discovering the most fundamental particle of the universe.

It is the ‘God particle’, wrote a Nobel-prize winning physicist and author.

And the scientific community already knows what they are going to find

“Yes…yes…tell us. We want to know too.”

The God particle is called…. (Drum roll…)…. Higgs-Boson!


Just imagine…

Clergymen, monks, Hindu pundits and common folk from different faiths all kneeling down and bowing at the altar of the great Higgs-Boson!!

“Oh, all-knowing, all powerful, omnipresent Higgs Boson – heal me, forgive my sins, give me wealth, give me courage, may my wrinkles disappear and please get my boyfriend back!”

And the great Higgs-Boson particle will vibrate in 10 dimensions, meaning “yes. It will be done. My photon has been dispatched to your doorstep!”


As Calvin told Hobbes in a comic strip….what else can we hope for when they could only come up with a name like ‘The Big Bang!’ to describe how this magnificent Universe came into being.

No offense guys….I respect your work…I love science….but I sometimes wonder, why you don’t put a good speech writer or marketing consultant in CERN labs – just to run the Universe naming department.

Anyways, we won’t just sit here twiddling our thumbs, waiting for the scientists to discover the ‘God particle’. For even if they do and come out running breathlessly to share the news, we can always send them back to the lab
with 4 more questions to answer:
– Where did it come from?
– Is it the same in the beginning, the middle and the end of the universe?
– Why is there a Higgs-Boson particle instead of nothing?
– Why did the Higgs-Boson particle create Britney Spears?

Now don’t laugh too much….as we hunt in our own way, we have to answer the same 4 questions for whatever we propose as the fundamental essence!!!

But to be on the safe side…after we find it, we will ask Calvin to give it a name.

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