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What is my mind?

Depends…. Here’s a quick summary of choices available. I don’t know what you have read or what you personally believe in. So, take a moment now to scan through the choices and pick the correct answer



Don’t worry about what you selected. Your view can be defended. Your view can be justified– using logic or faith or belief or memory of some personal experience.

All of these are equally valid in defending your position.

I respect that.


So, this is what we will all agree.

All the answers are correct.


If you are uncomfortable with that conclusion, you have begun to understand how the mind works


Let’s reflect for a moment!

Why should there always be only 1 correct answer?

Why can’t all answers be correct?

How can I know for sure if I have the correct answer?

Since when did I know the correct answer? What did I know before that?

Have I changed in any way after I knew the answer? If yes, why bother? If no, why bother?

Am I aware of the answer all the time? When I am awake, when I am asleep, when I am dreaming?


It gets more weird…

Where did these questions come from? – my mind

Where did the choices come from? – my mind

Where did my answers come from? – my mind

What is confused now? – my mind



And we have come to this chamber to find answers??? (Gulp!)

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