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(The creation of Adam; by Michelangelo)

It was late in the evening. It was a rainy day in New York. Richard Dawkins, world famous scientist and self-proclaimed atheist, sat in a swanky hotel room, feeling happy about his New York Times bestseller book, ‘The God delusion’. In the book he asserted the irrationality of believing in God. In his analysis, he had found that Human belief in God is not just wrong, it is downright deadly for society.

As he pondered over an idea for his next book, he noticed, from the corner of his eye, that his computer was online and someone was inviting him to chat. He got up from the sofa and went to his PC.

R: Hi, who’s this?

G: Hi Richard. I read your book about me, and decided to drop by for a chat. This is HE

R: No, it can’t be. This is some kind of joke. You don’t exist

G: Hey, relax. Don’t worry. I liked your book. But that’s not what I came to talk to you about

R: What then?

G: I came to tell you that you don’t exist

R: Lol! Gud one.….wait. what do you mean ?

G: Prove it

R: Well, for starters, there is my body. It’s quite real. Skin, bones, muscles, blood, liver, kidneys, hair..

G: Are you the hair ?

R: Yeah. It’s on my body

G: Are you saying that after every haircut, they sweep Richard off the floor?

R: No

G: Every time you cut your nails or grow new skin, does Richard disappear and appear again?

R:…:-) I see what you mean. No. I am not the hair or nails or skin

G:. Is Richard a kidney?

R: No

G: Is Richard an intestine?

R: No

G: Do you want me to list all the other parts in your body?

R: hmm…No. I agree. They are not me. But they belong to me

G: Sorry. Not yours. Your body comes from the food you eat. The food in turn came from the Sun, plants, rivers, air, animals and minerals of the planet. In which case, you belong to them.

R: The form and shape of my body is me

G: Your body’s form and shape hasn’t been the same since you were born

R: What about my DNA? I wrote a book on that too

G: Sorry, not yours. It came from your parents. The first cell in your body was their contribution. You didn’t create it

R: I got it. I am life

G: Life is everywhere around you. Don’t tell me you are going to call that yours as well?

R: OK. I am my sensations.

G: Sometimes you have a pleasant sensation, sometimes an unpleasant one and sometimes a neutral one, right?

R: Yes

G: You must have had a million such sensations since you were born. Which of those sensations are you? Are you saying you change with each sensation?

R: No. Wait. I breathe. That’s it. So that proves I exist

G: Every time you breathe in and out, does Richard disappear and appear?

R: No. Ok. I have the faculties of touch, sight, taste, smell and hearing. They are mine. I hold them together

G: If all the faculties of touch, sight, taste, smell and hearing were to leave you forever, never to come back again, will you still say you exist?

R: No. I guess not

G: Then, isn’t it the other way around? It is they you depend upon

R: OK. I am my thoughts. They are me. You can’t deny that.

G: You must have had a million thoughts since you were born. Which of those are you? Are you saying you change with every thought?

R: No

G: When you are in deep sleep and don’t have any thoughts, don’t you exist? If not, who wakes up the next day?

R: I see what you mean. I am not my thoughts

G: In the same way, are you any of your emotions or feelings or desires? You have had many since you were born

R: No. I am not. Wait. I am all of these things together

G: If individually they are not you, how can they collectively be you?

R: I am confused now. This can’t be. Perhaps I exist apart from all these things

G: Apart from your body, sensations, thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, faculties, where else can you be? Show me

R: I am trying to, but not able to. Help me.

G: It is you who is hiding behind all these layers. Come out and show yourself

R: I need time to think this through. There is a hidden essence in me called ‘Richard’. I am a perfectly rational guy

G: I know. That is why I am telling you that your idea of ‘I’ is irrational.

R: …..

G: Good luck. g2g now. Do me a favor. Next time, write a book called ‘The I delusion’

R: Wait. Where can I find you?

G: First, find yourself. Then you can find me.

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