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I feel in a good mood today, so let’s go and satisfy some desires.

Let’s go to MacDonald’s and satisfy our desire for a juicy Big Mac.

Our objective now is to satisfy that desire, by experiencing this burger fully, just once. That should be easy

Mmm…this burger looks great. Let’s try to experience it fully.

I can see the burger from different angles

But I can’t see the whole burger at once, without seeing it at an angle

If I see the detail of the sesame seeds on the bun, I miss seeing the whole burger

If I see the burger as a whole, I miss seeing those beautiful sesame seeds

When I taste a mouthful of burger, I can’t taste the sesame seeds

When I taste the sesame seeds, I can’t taste the whole burger

When I chew the layer of cheese, it’s in my mouth, so I can’t see its beautiful shape

When I see its beautiful shape completely, I can’t chew it

When I smell the burger, it’s close to my nose, so I can’t see it clearly


This is frustrating. Let’s junk this and head off for a stroll down the river.


This is much better now. The river looks so cool and inviting. Let’s enjoy a swim in the river.

Our objective now, is to satisfy that desire by experiencing this river fully, just once.

Oops..Different situation; but same problem

I can’t swim in the whole river

I can only swim in a part of the river

When I swim to a different part of the river,

I can’t swim in the water I left behind

Even if I stand in one spot for a long time, the water has flowed on

It is still water, but its not the same water as a few seconds ago

So, every dip I take in the same spot, it is in new water

I can hear the sound of the river

But it’s mixed up with other sounds carried by the wind

Which of those sounds is the river?

When I am inside the river

I can’t see the river from outside

I can only see the river from a few angles

When I see the stones at the bottom of the river

I can’t see the river ahead of me

I can’t see the river flowing behind me

When I see the fishes, I can’t see the river

When I see the river, I miss the fishes


So…what the @#$# is going on?

However hard I try, if I can’t experience an object fully, even for a moment, even once, how can I ever satisfy my desire for that object?

Something is not right. But what?


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